Photo Credit: Petra Winnwalker


I create sculptural work that is furniture size and loosely reference the body in some way. I have an interest in craft, so I look at different ways in creating forms, from bent lamination to using basket making techniques.

I am interested in the ideas of modesty, domesticity, and femininity, all of which are historically places visually in the Victorian Era, but also refer to current issues of women’s rights. I collect dated objects and textiles, and incorporate them into my work, giving them a reference to fashion all the way back to the late 17th Century when a woman’s purity and virtue were of the utmost importance. Throughout my work I reference women’s societal expectations regarding the way they fashion themselves. I have felt a pressure in my own life regarding many expectations-some contradicting one another. It’s a never ending and continuing issue that has yet to be solved.

 I am interested in leading the viewer through a sense of nostalgia, exploring their mind for a memory they have with the items present. I use a multi-sensory experience incorporating texture and scent as well to enhance the work. The search, or hunt one goes through in exploring the piece happens in a few ways: trying to find the source of a particular smell, and what the smell is, as well as trying to identify the function of the object when it’s not in clear sight.

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Aleya Lanteigne is an artist originally from Indianapolis Indiana, who currently works in San Diego California.

 In 2015, while living in Indianapolis she studied at Herron School of Art and Design where she received her BFA in Furniture Design and Sculpture. Here she learned techniques in furniture design and woodworking as well as explored her interest in conceptual art to see how the two could relate.

She has shown work across the country, from Washington D.C to San Diego. Currently, Aleya is an MFA candidate in Furniture Design and Woodworking at San Diego State University.